The creative team of Massimo Copenhagen is developing high quality handknotted and handwoven rugs for domestic and contract use. The production is based on centuries-old tradition and technique, seeking to create a dialogue between the established and the experimental, the past and the present. We are using the finest natural yarns, creating rugs that we believe to be precious, unique and having a long lasting value.

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CARE & FAIR is an organisation that was created in 1995 with the objective of eradicating child labour in the weaving of rugs in countries such as India, Pakistan and Nepal. CARE & FAIRs philosophy is based on the belief that this objective is reachable with the adequate help, basically involving two important areas – education and health.

Thanks to the financial support of companies in the rug sector that collaborate voluntarily by contributing a percentage of the value of their imports, CARE & FAIR are supporting a large number of projects creating and maintaining schools and health centers. In India this form of financial support also comes as contributions from the manufacturers themselves.

Massimo collaborates with CARE & FAIR and guarantees that no child labour is employed in the production of its rugs.




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